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Steyr diesel engines

All engines of STEYR MOTORS are based on a well-proven Monoblock design, capable of fulfilling highest demands in operational reliability. Durability, safety and robust cooling behavior were the guidelines of the design and led to an unrivalled product range of compact and lightweight high-performance diesel engines.

The STEYR Monoblock is a highly efficient single casting from special high tensile alloy. Its key characteristic is a modular, compact design allowing for effective cooling through an unrestricted flow of coolant. The elimination of cylinder head warping and the reduction of mechanical and thermal forces within the Monoblock material lead to significantly improved durability and robustness of STEYR MOTORS' engines. Furthermore, due to the lack of cylinder head bolts and anchoring threads, the Monoblock design enables shorter, slimmer and more lightweight solutions.

Steyr engines have great working performances. Inovative tehnology of fuel injection allows achieving excellent torque and speed. That is why adjustment to the existing marine operating mode is easy and simple. Impressive caracteristics of Steyr marine egnines are dinamics, immediate reaction and impressive injection.

BUKH – Powering marine safety

BUKH A / S is a company with a proud tradition of producing diesel engines for personal watercraft, lifeboats and fast rescue boats. Their former names include, among others, Aabenraa Motorfabrik and Callesen Diesel, which are now consolidated into BUKH A / S.

BUKH A / S is one of the world's leading suppliers of SOLAS approved engines.

The same basic product, improved quality - greater efficiency.

BUKH continues to sell the same solid quality products as compared to original marine engines that have been gradually developed and improved to meet new requirements.

Readiness for adaptation and innovative approach to products implies that the product range is under constant development. They are regularly investing in new co-operation to meet new standards and requirements. Today BUKH cooperates with Austrian Steyr Motors, Finnish Alamarin Oy and Korean Hyundai.

BUKH A / S offers quality inboard marine engines that last, and Klydon d.o.o. as their distributor provides repairs, maintenance and spare parts supply.

BUKH A/S’s product range:
BUKH 24-48 KS Lifeboats » More information
BUKH 125-500 KS Fast rescue boats » More information
BUKH 125-500 KS Heavy duty solas » More information


60 rps (3600 o/min) 24 KS (17.6 kW)
50 rps (3000 o/min) 22.4 KS (16.5 kW)
40 rps (2400 o/min) 17.9 KS (14 kW)
33 rps (2000 o/min) 15.8 KS (11.7 kW)


60 rps (3600 o/min) 29 KS (21.3 kW)
50 rps (3000 o/min) 25.6 KS (18.8 kW)
40 rps (2400 o/min) 20.9 KS (15.4 kW)
33 rps (2000 o/min) 17.2 KS (12.6 kW)


60 rps (3600 o/min) 32 KS (23.5 kW)
50 rps (3000 o/min) 28.3 KS (20.8 kW)
40 rps (2400 o/min) 23.2 KS (17 kW)
33 rps (2000 o/min) 19 KS (13.9 kW)


60 rps (3600 o/min) 36 KS (26.5 kW)
50 rps (3000 o/min) 24.5 KS (25.4 kW)
40 rps (2400 o/min) 29.8 KS (21.9 kW)
33 rps (2000 o/min) 25.5 KS (18.7 kW)

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